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The interest rate on the loan and the terms of its change on a yearly basis (Capital interest).

The annual interest rate on the Loan is fixed throughout the duration of the Loan. If the Capital Interest exceeds the maximum interest within the meaning of art. 359 § 2 (1) of the Civil Code (ie twice the sum of the reference rate of the National Bank of Poland and 3.5 percentage points). The interest will be automatically reduced to the current maximum interest rate. In the event of subsequent increase of maximum interest, the Capital Interest will be automatically adjusted to the maximum interest, however, over the entire Loan Period, the Capital Interest will not exceed the interest rate indicated in the Agreement.Actual annual interest rate 

The interest rate on the loan and the terms of its change on a yearly basis (Capital interest).

This is the total cost of the loan incurred by the consumer, expressed as a percentage of the total loan amount per annum presented to help you in the comparison of loans offeredAPY provided to you / your loan in the amount PLN on time days is:

The obligation to conclude an additional contract

loan contract and cash

To obtain a loan, you must conclude an additional contract, in particular an insurance contract or another contractNOT APPLICABLEThe costs that you will be obliged to incur in connection with the loan agreement *Commission in amount PLN and interest according to the interest rate indicated above.Costs of running one or several bills for making deposits and withdrawals of cash *NOT APPLICABLEThe costs of using credit cards *NOT APPLICABLEOther costs that the consumer is obliged to incur in connection with the contract *The Applicant is obliged to transfer a one-off Registration Fee in the amount of PLN 0.01 from his bank account to the Lender’s Bank Account before the conclusion of the first Loan Agreement, to register the Customer Profile and verify his personal data.Conditions under which the costs associated with the credit agreement may change *The lender is entitled to unilaterally change the terms of the Agreement and attachments to the Agreement in the event of any of the following circumstances:

1. changes in the generally applicable legal provisions regarding the activities of the Lender in the scope of activities related to the Agreement,

2. changing the way or form of providing services by the Lender under the Agreement, provided that these changes ensure proper performance of the Agreement and whose introduction proves necessary for the efficient operation of technical and technological solutions binding at the Lender, and in the IT system,

3. introduction of new services that have not been provided by the Lender so far,

4. in order to implement recommendations, recommendations or decisions issued by state bodies or institutions, in particular bodies competent in matters of consumer rights protection, from which it is required for the Lender to change the Agreement,

5. changes in the level of inflation, understood as a change, of any consumer price index, announced by the Central Statistical Office, by at least 0.1 percentage point in relation to the previously announced ratios for the same monthly, quarterly or annual period,

6. changes in tax rates or introduction of new taxes or fees of a mandatory or tax nature,

7. changes in the average monthly remuneration in the enterprise sector excluding payments from profit, announced by the Central Statistical Office, by at least 1% compared to the previous one published in the corresponding monthly, quarterly or annual period.

The Borrower will each time provide the Borrower with proposed changes (along with a new text of the Agreement) and notify the date of entry into force of the changes, which may not be less than one month from the date of receipt of the notification. At the same time, the Borrower will send the Borrower in writing to the amended Agreement. Amendments to the Agreement shall come into force if the Borrower, prior to the entry into force of the amendments, does not terminate the Agreement with one month’s notice.

If the modification made to the Agreement by the Lender entails the change of any commissions or fees accepted in the Agreement, the value of these commissions and fees will be increased or decreased after rounding up to full zlotys. The increase or reduction of fees will occur by the amount by which the indicators on the basis of which the change is made have changed.

The modification of the Agreement is not considered as such modifications, which are only stylistic or terminological, if these modifications do not affect the Borrower’s rights and obligations, as well as modifications consisting only in the change of contact or register details of the Borrower and personal or correspondent data of the Borrower.

Amendments to the provisions of the Agreement or annexes to the Agreement do not affect the terms of a particular Loan granted before the date of entry into force of the aforementioned changes.Notary fees *NOT APPLICABLEThe effect of non-payment. Lack of payment may have serious consequences for you (eg sales of movable property or real estate seized during the enforcement proceedings) and may make it difficult to obtain a loan. The effects of non-payment may be the following for you:
In the event of late repayment of the Loan by the Borrower, the Borrower is entitled to charge Interest for delay in an amount not higher than the maximum interest for delay, ie twice the total reference rate of the National Bank of Poland and 5.5 percentage points (14% value per day r.) and carry out writ-in and debt collection activities. The interest for delay will be automatically adjusted (reduced or increased) to the amount of current maximum interest for delay. The borrower may carry out the following writ-in and debt-collection activities:

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